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how to become the best wedding photographer

Indian weddings are AWESOME and are about fun, food, and photographs! A good wedding photographer brings the best out of the couple at their wedding. From perfectly capturing the bridegroom’s emotions to clicking the very-special moments in a lens is what can be expected from the finest wedding photographers.

But the question most wedding photographers or cinematographers ask o themselves is ‘how can I become the best wedding photographer’?

TBH, there are certain wedding photography-related things you need to learn and apply while capturing any wedding. In this blog, Smart Clicks will be sharing the must-have things that take to become a good, or we say the best wedding photographer.

Wedding Photographer Qualities- An Overview 

Indian Weddings are amazing but somewhat stressful, not only for the couple or their parents but also for the wedding photographers. No matter how easy wedding photography seems to the eyes, it takes a ton of effort to grab some of the memorable shots during these couple of days.

So without any delay, here’s a sneak-peak to worth tips you’ll be reading in this wedding photography blog! 

  • Learn the basics of photography (not all of us are creative by birth)
  • Learn about compositions
  • Get used to your equipment
  • Get to know the couple (if you find the time, it’s the icing on the cake)
  • Observe the lighting
  • Imagine the shot
  • Focus on Capture-Emotion-Action/Reaction
  • Shoot the vibe (environment)
  • Don’t limit to ‘n’ no. of shots as most professionals do (have an open heart while clicking the shutter”)
  • Wait for the right moment  

Learn the Basics of Photography 

Let’s agree! Not all of us are born artists. Only some of us are inherited with the super-gene of a talented photographer. The rest learn this art of creativity through rigorous hours of dedicated workmanship. So, be prepared to tan in the scorching sun and get ready to stand in the monsoon showers, and refine the skill of wedding photography with time. 

Surely, within a few months and after thousands of shutter clicks, you will find an answer to the question you’ve been searching for, ‘How can I become the best wedding photographer’

Learn About Compositions

Composition in photography and cinematography means arranging the elements in your photo frame. A wedding photograph can comprise a few elements, like the bride and a simple backdrop but complex compositions may include various other small elements and details like props, etc. Arranging all the elements in the right ratio will bring out the best wedding photographers. If the primary object is not placed accordingly, the wedding photographer may not stand out!

Therefore, when shooting the wedding portraits or candids, remember to implement the rule of thirds, emphasize the depth and understand the patterns to get the best out of your wedding pics.

Get Used to Your Equipment

Indian weddings are fun but chaotic at times as well. Smart Clicks therefore highly recommends using an equipment setup( fast lenses with a big aperture like 1.4 or 1.8 with a full-frame camera) you are quite used to. By doing this you will be familiar with the perks and limitations of your tech you’ll be using to film the wedding. Full frame cameras don’t require much change in settings but the other ones can trouble you when there’s a change in the ambient lighting!

Therefore, the best wedding photographer in you must prepare the tech in advance so any upcoming challenge sound fun.

Get to Know the Couple 

The couple is the main attraction of the entire wedding. Getting familiar with the bride and the groom can help you click some of the best candid shots as well as portraits of the couple. The couple chemistry can sometimes be the best part of the wedding and if you are already interacting with them, surely they’ll feel comfortable posing for you.

If you have also shot their pre-wedding moments, definitely you already have established a connection with the couple. If not, a briefing about the wedding can help you get to learn a lot about their temperament, attitude, and likes!

Observe the Lighting

Lighting in any kind of photography is equally important as exposure, composition, white balance, etc. It really will make or destroy the essence of the story you’re about to tell through your photographs. A fraction of change in your lighting can shift the overall mood of the photograph! Ensure using warm and vibrant colors in your wedding photographs. Warmth signifies love and happiness!

By applying this tip in your wedding photoshoot, surely you can come to a step closer to becoming the best wedding photographer.

Imagine the Shot

Good photographers are also day-dreamers! If you can imagine the entire scene in your viewfinder’s frame, you can  also capture it better than the rest. By blueprinting the picture in your mind, you can properly organize the positioning of your subject with the rest of the objects in the frame. Not good with your imagination, try meditation! It really works. Not your cup of tea? Take a note from photography guides!

Believe it or not, becoming the best wedding photographer is not that hard if you follow your ambition with passion, perseverance, and a little bit of imagination. 🙂

Focus on Capture-Emotion-Action/Reaction

wedding photographer India

Capture-Emotion-Action/Reaction- Some of the finest wedding photographers around the globe recommend this theory! They primarily focus on their frame and try to capture the perfect emotion at the right moment. How do they do it? Well, they just don’t click the pic, they live the feeling that’s happening at the moment in the frame.

Yes! Only then you can capture the best when you involve 100% in that particular moment. Once you’re in, the emotions will fall in your frame and complete the full path of CEA/R!

Check out our in-house production video displaying emotions & creativity in a single frame!

Shoot the Vibe 

Do not only capture the couple, family, or the wedding guests but capture the entire vibe of the event. Weddings are the biggest occasion of any couple’s life and there are a ton more exciting things to capture at a wedding than just people. Sometimes the small artifacts like a garland backdrop can also brighten up the mood of a photograph. 

Moreover, make sure you are at the right place, at the right time with the right gear!

Don’t limit to ‘n’ no. of Shots as most Professionals Do! 

What most wedding photographers do is that they agree on clicking a limited number of pics at their client’s wedding.  No matter they’re saving their efforts but also they are limiting their shots. What if the best shots were yet to come but you’ve already winded up your gear.

Therefore, we highly recommend you having an open heart! Remember, the more clicks, the more is the possibility of getting unforgettable wedding moments from your client.

Wait for the Right Moment

Don’t rush! Clicking a thousand photographs and choosing 2 out of it is not called good photography. Rather, clicking your best shots and boggling over which pic to choose, coz everyone is best to none is the thing a good wedding photographer must crave for!

Wedding is all about emotions, the spirit of happiness and love, so why settle for less? CLICK MORE!

Dear photographers, this was all from team Smart Clicks on how you can become the best wedding photographers and shoot eye-catching candid, and splendid wedding portraits for your clients on their D-day!

For more wedding photography and cinematography, stay tuned with Smart Clicks through our Instagram & Youtube channels.


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